11 August, 2012

It's school uniform time again!

It seems like we've only just broken up from school and already I'm thinking about replenishing my kids' school uniform.

I don't know about you, but we never get to the start of a new school year without having to buy something new, even if it's just socks. And then there are new school shoes, of course. I'm adamant that shoes should last for the entire school year, but by then my kids' footwear is in tatters.

So, I'm building up to our annual trip to Marks and Spencer. It may be boring, but at least good old M&S has the advantage of combining quality with (reasonable) value. What more can I say? But this trip always seems fraught with problems. Either they have the style that we want, but not the right size; or they have the size but not the style; or, sometimes, neither. In which case we have to resort to the internet. But how can you buy plimsolls on line and be sure they fit -- or anything, for that matter?

Oh well, the upside is that we always stop for a lovely cappuccino (or hot chocolate, in the case of the kids) once we've failed to buy everything that we need!

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