15 September, 2012

The demands of primary school

School's only been back for a couple of weeks and already the requests are flooding in. Not from my kids, but from school itself.

So far I've been asked to bake two lots of cakes for two separate cake stalls, to sew sequins on to five T-shirts for one of my kid's class assemblies, and to volunteer a whole day to help out on a school trip. Quite a lot of requests in just a few days, I think you'll agree.

It's not that I mind helping out and I do understand that all these activities require extra support. However, when you're already very pushed for time (working plus running a freelance business in my case) it can be difficult to accept even more obligations. Almost every mum I know with school age children works, so the situation is pretty much universal, I think.

Primary schools, in my neck of the woods at least, do appear to be rather stuck in a bygone era. And they don't seem to recognise the nowadays commonplace phenomenon of two working parents (see one of my earlier blog posts).

People tell me that secondary school is entirely different. No requests for help, no more standing round in the playground, no contact at all with the school, it seems. I'll miss the playground cameraderie and the open, friendly atmosphere of our primary, but I can't pretend that it won't be a relief to receive fewer requests for assistance.

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