12 January, 2013

Back to school—and exams

My kids went back to school on Monday, but it was a busier start than usual as they were going in opposite directions. My youngest was going back to primary school and my oldest was off to a different school to sit a secondary entrance exam. Both of them had to be at their respective locations by 8.45 am, so I had to play that common parental trick of managing to be in two places at once. (Well, not quite. It was more a case of dashing from one location to the other at high speed.)

This also meant two lots of kits to get ready for Monday. School bag, PE kit, school meal order form and water bottle for my youngest. Pens, pencils and geometry kit; packed lunch; and sangfroid for my oldest.

Both came home by 3.10. Both were relatively happy. Now we just have to wait for the results of the exam!

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