02 February, 2013

In search of that elusive summer holiday...

We are in the midst of our annual Big Project--finding and booking a summer holiday for the family. But this seems to be proving even more difficult than usual, perhaps because we usually book before Christmas, but for a variety of reasons have had to do it later than usual this year.

It all started off rather well. We found we had sufficient Tesco Clubcard points to cover the cost of return flights for all four of us to some relatively close destinations. Hooray! However, when we looked closer we found that the flights that we could actually take with our points were fairly limited and, what's more, were selling fast.

We settled on Milan as our destination of first choice--enough flights at decent times to a good location (we planned on renting an apartment on one of the Italian lakes). But when we started to look at apartments, we ran into all sorts of problems--high prices, booked up, non-flexible changeover days which didn't fit with our flights, etc., etc.

So, back to the drawing board. Plan B was Nice--good weather, millionaires to laugh at, beautiful scenery and things to see and do near at hand. What could be better? The apartments still proved a bit of a problem, though--more flexible changeover days, but still expensive when what we wanted was enough space for four people, plus pool, plus washing machine...

But, finally, it looks like we're sorted. The lovely Pierre is willing to rent us an apartment for 10 days with swimming pool (and even tennis court!) at a price that we can afford. At last, we can breathe a sigh of relief.

But I never quite understand why booking a holiday is so difficult.

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