09 March, 2013

Why are people so dishonest?

We've had a bad week this week due, largely, to people's dishonesty.

First off, it was our gutter. This had been leaking for a while and we thought it was time to get it fixed, particularly as the run off was falling just over onto our neighbour's house. We called up a company that looked reputable, had reasonable reviews, etc., and they said they could fix it. But they certainly didn't. A couple of days later it rained and, lo and behold, the gutter was still leaking. We called up the company to say we weren't happy with the job they'd done and were promised that the owner would ring us back. He didn't. We tried ringing their land and mobile numbers again several times, but to no avail -- no one answered. So, we're back to square one (gutter still leaking) and, furthermore, minus £144. (Yes, we shouldn't have paid on the spot and yes, we did try to stop the cheque once we'd realised that the gutter hadn't been fixed, but it was too late. Lesson learnt.)

The second thing was my scarf, which I mistakenly left on the bus on my way home from work. (I was too busy worrying that my bag of shopping was going to fall on the floor and then trying to negotiate descending the stairs of the double decker with said bag of shopping in hand.) I rang the bus company's lost property department the next day, but the scarf wasn't there. Clearly, someone on the bus had picked it up and taken it. The scarf wasn't particularly special,  but I'd had it for years and really liked it. So did someone else, apparently.

Hence this week, in the absence of money and scarf, I'm rather despairing of the human race. Why, oh why, are people so dishonest?

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