23 April, 2017

Cream tea at Rosie's Tea Room

Yesterday we had a real treat -- a cream tea at Rosie's Tea Room in Abingdon. This was actually my Valentines present to my husband, but this was the first weekend that we were free to enjoy the present.

It was very good indeed. We had a classic cream tea comprising two scones (one plain and one fruit) each plus a pot of Oxford Breakfast tea for me and a cafetiere of coffee for my husband. The scones were homemade and delicious and the tea was lovely -- a far cry from the usual watery cuppa that you get in a cafe.

The atmosphere is also very relaxing in Rosie's Tea Room, so we were able to stay a while and chat after we had finished our tea, rather than feeling the need to rush out.

Before tea we popped into Belinda's Jewellery Box next door. This little shop is full of cards and pretty things that would make very good gifts -- jewellery (of course), handbags and purses, scarves, ornaments, etc. -- at very reasonable prices.

We are very lucky to live in Abingdon with all its lovely and useful local businesses!

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