08 March, 2012

Sunday trading

We recently visited IKEA on a Sunday morning. Due to the Sunday trading laws, you’re not allowed to pay for any goods before 11am, but the store is open for browsing from 10am.

Given the scrum that we’ve experienced in the past at IKEA, this seemed like a good option. We arrived shortly after ten (easy to park, for once), negotiated our way through a relatively empty showroom (for once) and made a list of the aisle and product numbers for all the goods we wanted to buy (as always).

Then, at five to eleven, we went to stand at the top of the stairs leading down to the warehouse and tills.

It was a scary experience, especially with young children in tow. There was a throng of people there already, all pushing and shoving to be down the stairs and at the tills first. In fact, the situation was so bad that there were three huge security guards standing at the front, holding the crowds back.
And, of course, they didn’t let us through until 11.05, at which point all hell broke loose.

I don’t have particularly strong feelings either way about Sunday trading restrictions. But, if you have any desire at all to protect life and limb, I would suggest avoiding IKEA until after 11 on a Sunday.

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