03 March, 2012

Cappuccino and chocolate

There was a rare event one afternoon this week—I had a free hour when I had nothing to do. No work. No children. House reasonably in order. Yippee!

I popped to Costa for an indulgent cappuccino and slice of carrot cake.

When the barista served my coffee, he asked if I’d like chocolate on my cappuccino. I said that I would and he made a very pretty pattern of chocolate coffee beans with one of those purpose-made stencils that fits exactly over the top of the cup.

Sipping my lovely hot coffee, it occurred  to me that these stencil patterns change with the season. Hearts on Valentines Day. Stars at Christmas.

And then another thought struck me—Western civilisation has reached a rather ludicrous position if one of its chief concerns is how to make our coffee look prettier. Surely there are more important things to think about?

But, hey, let’s not get too heavy about this. I enjoyed my cappuccino—and that’s the main thing, isn’t it?

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