18 February, 2012

Appraisal time!

Guess what? Appraisals at work today (or is the politically correct term now ‘performance development reviews’?) and everyone’s getting very excited. But why, I ask myself.

I work in the university sector, which means that no matter how well anyone scores in their appraisal, that score has no effect whatsoever on their pay. Ordinarily a university employee moves one increment up the pay scale once a year, no matter what.

What a wonderful incentive for the highest performers! But even that little joy is currently denied, given that we've been subject to a pay freeze for the past three years.

The evaluation categories on the appraisal forms at my work are: outstanding; very good; good; not fully meeting requirements; unacceptable. Yet it is an unwritten rule that no manager should ever award ‘outstanding’ to any of his/her employees. So, no matter how well you perform, your performance is never judged outstanding.

Interesting logic there. And another great incentive.

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