28 February, 2012

Kids' costumes continued

I mentioned in my last post that my oldest child has a Tudor field trip on World Book Day.

What this actually involves is a visit to a local Tudor stately home dressed in Tudor-style costume (thank God for the internet!). Sounds like a great day out, doesn't it? Sixty plus ten-year-olds running amock in a listed building. Mmm. I'll be keeping my distance.

But what's even more interesting (worrying?) is that we're required to provide a packed lunch which has "an authentic feel for this period". (Yes, I am quoting directly from the parent information leaflet that my daughter brought home for this event.) Most intriguing is the information that Tudor drinks "would have come in stone jars with stoppers or wooden barrels."

They're not seriously suggesting that I provide my child's apple juice in an earthenware flagon, are they? Please tell me I'm wrong...

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