26 February, 2012

World Book Day

It’s World Book Day this week and sourcing costumes for this event is always a chore.

For the uninitiated, World Book Day means that primary school children are invited to come to school dressed as their favourite book character—and no primary school age child worth his or her salt would pass up the opportunity to attend school dressed in mufti. (I don’t know whether World Book Day has any other consequences, but this is the one that affects my household.)

This year is even more tricky than usual. My youngest wants to dress as Hermione Granger. Not too much of a problem—there are plenty of Harry Potter crew costumes on sale on the internet. HOWEVER, my oldest has Tudor Day the day before World Book Day, which requires us to provide full Tudor costume for her. Then the following day (World Book Day itself), she is going on a Tudor field trip (don’t ask) which requires full Tudor costume PLUS World Book Day costume for when she returns from said field trip.

One costume per child on World Book Day is just about manageable, even if it does send parents scrabbling for the sewing machine or, more realistically, for their wallets. But two costumes?

Come on school, give us a break.

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